There are several reasons I’m pushing to get as close to ALL of the script done as possible before I start in seriously on pages.

One, is that I want to be able to just sit down and work on pencils and inks and colors. Throw a movie or a podcast on in the background and just hit the ground running. I work best when I can do that. Cranked out 9 pages in 18 hours that way back in college. And when I say 9 pages, I mean I went to class, and then went home and finished them from final layouts through final tones and letters. That mindless part is one of my favorite things about art.

Two, is that I don’t want to lose the plot or the characters, as I mentioned last Tuesday. Meandering plotlines are things that happen in anime, like Bleach or anything by Rumiko Takahashi. They don’t need to happen in my writing too.

Three, I like having a social life. And having all of the hard part (for me) out of the way, I can still make weekend trips home to California, hang with my best friend on her days off, have a drink with coworkers after work, and just generally not neglect my boyfriend.

Four, though, is because sometimes I write shit.

And I don’t mean that in a pottymouth kind of “I put words on paper” kind of way.

I truly mean that sometimes the end of my pen is dripping in word feces.

That number down at the bottom should be at least 3 pages ahead. But the scene was crap, it didn’t need to be there, and I was better able to use it down the line. If I had been doing this as I went along, those would be pages that would be smeared all over the internet already, and I’m not a big fan of reconning after posting pages.

Not only have I completely deleted that scene and retooled it after the fact, but I’ve gone back and adjusted dialogue in earlier scripts to better set up jokes that hadn’t fully formed yet. Which gives me a better story to work with, and a better read for you guys. Which is more frustrating for me then you can imagine. Because I want to get actual content to you guys. Not only just for my own ego, but because, well, my ego. Not gonna lie. But I’ve started getting comments about how I need to be posting pages because no one cares about this precomic crap. And, well…

You know, that whole “I do this shit for free” argument doesn’t need to be made again. So…

On one hand, yes, I know you’re eager for story and that’s supposed to make me happy.

On the other hand, it’s like those people that call any bakery I’ve ever worked at, and demand to know if we have something we’ve told them we don’t. Like, if they ask just the right number of times, I can magically make it appear because they’re that special of a customer, to be that persistent about our product. And usually they’re asking about something that requires 12 to 72 hour advance notice, minimum. For right that second. And while we’d love to make a sale, no.

No. That person is being an asshole.

In those occasions at my day job, sometimes it’s possible to slop together an ugly assed cake and appease them. Usually it’s not.

This is that same thing. Yes. I can start making pages at any time. I can start posting them at any time. But it’ll be slow getting pages, I’ll get behind my schedule again because someone important to me will get married (again) or die (again) or I’ll fuck up my hand (again), and the story will stop. I won’t be far enough ahead to edit and the story will suffer, because I’m not awesome enough at this as most of the well known comics to crank out something I’m happy with every week, some of them almost every day. For me it’d be a page a week, with the occasional holiday filler, and it’ll take another 6 years to finish this damned thing.

And, you know, despite the few asshole comments I’ve gotten from certain individuals, on the whole, you guys are fucking righteous. I adore all of you. And ironically, those comments are from people I’ve befriended in reality land. You know, the ones I can punch. The rest of you are superb; most of you have been around with the block with me for years and I will never take that for granted.

Which means I don’t want to hand you guys a sloppy cake.

I want you wonderful readers (and my asshole real life friends whom I do truly love) to get the best fucking dessert buffet ever. You know, the kind you’d find at a swanky restaurant Easter buffet or something, where there’s something for everyone, no matter their diets.

Oops. My day job’s showing. Sorry kids.

Anyways, sorry for the ramble this week. I guess I just want to explain why I’m bothering with this production blog thing. And it’s that I want to hold myself accountable to working every day on this. I want to not suck at updating. I want to do something you’ll be proud of enough to tell people about it and make them read it. I want to make something that I’llbe proud of enough to show my mother and every other human on the planet. Because I really wasn’t the first go-around.

Anyways, yeah. Whiny blog was whiny this week. Gonna try not to do that next week. Gonna slog on through these scripts in the meantime.



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