So I’ve been neglecting updates. I know. There’s a reason for that.

And the reason is that I’m finally far enough into the script that I’m getting ready to start on pages! And I can’t exactly go telling you about those, now can I?

Updates will be more of a “we’ll shoot for Fridays” kind of thing. I suggest the RSS feed. Ideally, I’ll have the first few pages posted by October 1st ish (heavily on that ish), and an idea of what we can expect with updates. We’ll see though. Right now, I cant even decide on the actual page size.

Anyways, since I had to be drawin’ them anyways, here’s Steve’s family! First, Pettys!


Caleb caught the deads (it’s not secret so I can tell you that) long before the comic starts, so I didn’t have to age him. Lisa’s the little ‘un, Maddie is the sassy one. Stevie’s the cute one.

And current timeline!


Left to Right:

Benji, Lisa, Maddie, Paul, Steve.

Still on the fence about Benji. And Maddie’s hair isn’t quite right. Heights are about right, though Maddie’s probably standing on a scully box or something.

Remember: this blog is going to be a sometimes thing for the rest of the month. By October, I’ll be able to release the update schedule! I hope! I’ve got the first 3.5 chapters entirely scripted, and mostly laid out. I just need to buckle down and thumbnail those last 2 dozen pages, and figure out the actual page size, and I’ll be able to get going.

I’m probably repeating myself right now. It’s freakin’ 1am, I have no idea why I’m not in bed.