At the bottom of every Tuesday blog post I try to leave an update on where I am page-wise. (Except last week because I was busy using my hallpass.)

Really, it’s a guideline for myself. Mostly for me to be able to gauge how productive I was during the week. Eventually those numbers are going to start exploding, or slow to nothing, and that’s fine because I’ll be hitting other aspects of this thing–character art, town map, backend site crap. But I thought maybe it’d be interesting to watch it grow for the few of you who check in on a regular basis.

It’s pretty straightforward–how many pages I’ve got thumbnailed, and how many scripted. Scripts are easier for me. Sometimes thumbnails just go with them. Sometimes I can’t be bothered to even draw stick figures. Sometimes I skip entire scenes with only a note that says “FLASHBACK. Shouldn’t be more than 4 pages. Use photographs as basis. DON’T MAKE IT BORING” and carry on with the next chapter entirely. I’ve got post it notes on my layouts that have “landscape” or “dream sequence” on them because I’m too lazy to deal with them just yet.

I also have a book full of scripts that are a chapter beyond what I’ve laid out. At least a dozen of those scripts have tiny thumbnails next to them because I was too lazy to find the proper page in my layout book.

I work in such an organized way that it would never make sense to anyone who’s never been in my head for a year.

There’s also, down in my little page count every Tuesday, a total goal for the comic. Currently it reads ~300ish.

That “ish” is important.

Because I don’t have a damn clue how long this is going to be.

300 is a good number though. It’s an easy number to reach, and not too small a number to not bother with. I ever try to print this, that’s a decent number of pages to ask someone to buy. Honestly, though, this thing might end up being 500 pages.

I sincerely hope not. And not just because I might lose steam, but because drawing that many pages is terrifying to me.

So it sits at 300ish, though depending on how scenes work out, it might be 450, or it might be 267. Only the thumbnails can tell me that, and right now, I can’t be bothered to ask them because I hate them.


Current Page count: ~300. ish. super heavy on the ish. currently leaning towards 350+
Scripted Pages: 77
Thumbnailed Pages: 59