When it comes to characters, I’m a hoarder.

Every character I have ever written, for anything, everything, right down to the little dialogue doodles I’d make in high school when i should have been passing Geology, still exists. I can’t remember names, but I can remember their storylines. I can remember what other characters they were tied with. I can remember how much I loved or hated them. I had a couple of half dragons, a lot of elves, a half dozen aliens, and like, a million high school girls who were almost as horny as I was at 16.

Magnetic North, in her first incarnation, had close to 4 dozen characters that I’d bothered to name, that had actually showed up. On top of this, there were another 2 dozen that I kept in waiting for later chapters. Which is way too many. So, obviously, the herd must be culled.

But here’s the thing. I really love most of those characters. The background gimmicks, the future angst, the dynamics. I loved all of them and what they brought to the table.

But a lot of them have to go and I have to accept that.

Even the ones that were “super special important” to the plot. Family members, friends, background characters. They’re not as super awesome special to the plot as I like to think they are.

So not only am I destroying “lives”, I’m rewriting the ones I’m keeping, entirely.

Luka? No more Luka. Not really. I’ll reuse his character design and shove him in the background of a party, because I loved drawing that black eyed fuck, but he no longer exists. Which means that Georgia’s entire character has to be retweaked since she’s important enough to stay.

One character has a ripple effect.

Another character is the goddamn butterfly effect.

Two major characters that were, in my mind, pivotal to the original storyline, are, in the new storyline, shadows or figments.

And it is blowing. my. mind.


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