Deciphering my chickenscratch will tell you nothing. These are scrapped ideas.

Less than 14 pages into the actual script and thumbnails, and I’m already banging my head on my desk.

This is all at once my favorite and most despised thing about writing. The actual writing. Or, in this case, splitting my brain into words and pictures and hoping the two halves are not only willing to get along, but actually make cohesive sense.

I’ve got an extra layer of fun this time around, as I’ve already done the first 100 pages before.

Not that I’m keeping them. They were shite. I can and will do better. But the reason I couldn’t just walk away from what I originally had is that I was just so proud of certain bits. The way I drew X’s hands in this panel, the way I succeeded at perspective in that entire page, the way a joke panned out or I managed to just show someone the same way he or she was in my head. And now, I’m trying to take all of that stuff that I’m still proud of, and dismiss it entirely to rewrite it and redraw it for a better incarnation.

And I have to say; the 13.5 pages that I’ve got scripted and thumbnailed out, I’m crazy about them. The fucking plot, the whole point, is blatantly stated by page 10. And I managed to slip my favorite bit from chapter two in it, only better than the first time. And that’s why this is my favorite part. Because I can take stuff and make it better, and make it new for people who’ve already read it.

I managed to condense the entire fluff of a full chapter into 5 pages because none of it was necessary in the first place, and what was necessary can be better inserted elsewhere. But now I’m trying to keep that same pace, and my brain’s just all “well, last time, we just defaulted to X setting” and and and and

Writer’s block. Oh, how I hate you.

I’ll get through this. I want to start posting actual pages before winter and I’m not drawing anything beyond test pages until the whole thing’s written. I want to get this all out there because I honestly think I’ll die if I don’t because I love doing all of this so much. But, oh how I loathe it all the same.