So, as mentioned, magnorth dot net was lost forever when viagra decided that apparently that’s the best possible domain name they could possess.

And given the amount of Russian porn bots that hit on it? I’m really not that surprised.

But! Fancy new domain name! It’s all official and stuff now! I feel fancy!

Alright, well, enough of that. Now’s when I tell you what to expect.

  • An entirely new comic, based entirely off the old comic–but with an actual, visible plot–that will actually go places while still leaving the trio to be their normal selves.
  • New character designs–Roy will look more like he came out of a linebacker family like he was originally supposed to, Jugsy will be the curvy little pinup she was meant to be, and Steve…well, he’s not really going to change except I ‘m going to color him correctly.
  • I’m not really as racist as a lot of the original comic made me seem–I’d just start a joke, and I’d either take waaaay too long for the character to get their comeuppance, or I’d forget about it entirely, or I’d put the smackdown in the words of the one character whose speech bubbles were entirely blacked out. Aaaaaand…that’s not cool.
  • PLOT. I can’t stress that enough. No one can accuse me of not having one this go-around.

And here’s what to expect in the meantime: Tuesdays and Fridays are update days. Proof to you guys that I’m dead serious about getting this comic going, because I know I broke a lot of trusts before. So on Tuesdays and Fridays from now until comic launch, there will be something of note posted. Either an update on what I’m working on, sketches, art, or character stuff.

I cannot stress enough that this is more than just me going back and updating the art and changing a bit of dialogue. I’m revamping almost everything. Because, honestly, I hated huge chunks of the original, but was too proud of the work I’d do to scrap it. That’s not going to happen this time.

Anyways, I’ll see you all tomorrow for the first actual update of stuff. For those of you who’ve stalked me though all of this, send me an email or a comment, let me know you’re still here. You guys mean the world to me.